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    Hi all,

    I just discovered that Time Warner Cable finally has Remote DVR Manager working from your browser.

    It was pretty cool setting up your DVR to record shows (or series) from your computer and even say which DVR to make the recording to, for those like me who have two DVR's in my house.

    So I can see what is scheduled to be recorded and edit those recordings.

    Most of this stuff from what can see is still being beta tested. It's real slow doing things in the browser right now. And maybe making an App would help things out.

    They also have a mobile website to access the Remote DVR Manager:

    However, it would be nice if someone can develop an app that would be easier to use that what Time Warner is offering in the browser.

    Not sure if you need an API (isn't that what it is called) to actually do this.

    I think they might offer an iPhone app, but I could be wrong.


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    If I can get access to an API will be 100% working on this app. If there is no API, I might spend some time figuring it out...
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    that would be awesome for BrightHouse Networks DVRs as well... great idea.
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    add optimum and comcast dvr too!
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    Hey all, I have an app that works with my Sling Adapter so that I can not just control my DVR but I can watch DVR recordings and live TV no matter where I’m at. I subscribe to DISH Network and I've always had remote access but when I started working for them last year that is when I found out about the release of the adapter. So when I forget to set my timer on my DVR I just whip out my phone and watch the show live. Pretty cool, huh?
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    I can not only control and organize my DVR but I can also watch my DVR's and my live TV with my Sling Adapter and app. I can literally be anywhere and as long as there's high-speed internet I can watch TV just like I'm at home. I'm a subscriber and tech support rep for DISH Network so I'm happy with these added features, and I understand that if you pay for all that programming you might as well be able to watch it wherever you want. Am I wrong?

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