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    My first Palm app has just been approved. It is called Movie DB, and pulls information from (a community driven movie database wiki). Feel free to make any comments here about things you would like to see or any bugs that you find.
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    Your search field doesn't support pressing enter to submit - always usefull
    Apps: MyQ for Netflix (Phone/TouchPad), Giantbomb (Phone), Excavate (Reddit/Digg clients for TouchPad)
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    Yeah, I just realized that when I was working on the next release. I will fix that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosdl View Post
    Your search field doesn't support pressing enter to submit - always usefull
    I just saw in your footer that you developed the MyQ app. I must say, I use this all the time for tracking and keeping up with my Netflix Q. Great app!!!
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    I am making good progress on the Cast & Crew Search and View capabilities. I hope to have a new release sometime early next week.
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    Would you get more info than mobile has, or are they about the same?
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    Since The Movie DB (TMDb) is completely community driven and is setup like a wiki, the amount of information for a Movie or Person is completely governed by what information has been submitted by the public. With that being said, I believe that TMDb currently has less information than IMDB for most movies, however it gets better with each new member that contributes. The reason for my decision to go with TMDb instead of IMDB is simply because of the fact that IMDB does not have an open API that I could find.
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    Movie freak shall test it out!
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    Everyone, I am hoping to post v1.1.0 today or tomorrow. This version will have cast and crew searching capabilities and information pages.
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    I just submitted v1.1.0 to the app store earlier today. This includes Cast & Crew Search and Cast & Crew Information Page.

    Movie DB v1.1.0 Submitted | Silent Apps
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    Is anyone else seeing the, "Error. No internet Connection Found." on this app?

    I think the developer was last seen here in 2012. The support website is gone. still exists.
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    I just installed to test and I get the same error FrankenPre2 / webOS 2.2.4
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    I think the Tmdb API has changed. Lumberjack shows a 404 not found error when you try to search. or browse. The Tmdb site still appears to have an open API, so it may be possible to fix the app - but I think we are on our own to do it.

    Update: It appears the version it is using (2.1) has been deprecated since May 2013. Capturing the URLs and converting them to version 3 I was able to get movie info back, but the app doesn't understand the new response format. So it will take a decent amount of work to make the app work again, but it can be done.
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    I don't know if he will get it, but I sent a PM to the author, as I could not track down any other contact info. I've been playing around with the API and some of the changes are fairly minor, and it did not take much work to get the basic functionality working. I hate that I missed this app, because it is a very nice alternative to using IMDB in the phone's browser (and has IMDB links in the app if the info in the TMDB database is insufficient.

    One other thing I found looking at the API docs is that they have added TV info, which did not appear to be present before, that or it was simply split out because of the differences in the data between movies and multi-season tv series.
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    Out of curiousity, are there standard API formats? I assume that The Movie Database (TMDb) is actually a database (the clue's in the name - call me Sherlock). The front end formats the data into webpages and the API allows the app to retrieve the data for formatting into the app's display. I realise the actual labels for the data will vary, but I assume there are a limited number of methods for requesting and receiving the data. Or is it the case that services all have bespoke methods - perhaps just to prevent unauthorised access?

    a PM to the developer is a good idea, but I think the chances of it being read two years after the last visit is slim. Is there any clue in the code? Email address or github location? I don't know if the app is open or closed source.

    Update: There is youtube video in the app catalogue, but having found the video on you tube, I cannot find contact details. I can't seem to log in to youtube either so even a comment on the video isn't possible for me. However, there is a contact email in the app for the graphics artist, so I have emailed him...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    One other thing I found looking at the API docs is that they have added TV info, which did not appear to be present before, that or it was simply split out because of the differences in the data between movies and multi-season tv series.
    I'm pretty sure TV info is quite recent. I know TMDb from a different project I worked on two or three years ago (or was it even four? Ahrg.. I'm old ) and back then they did not have anything about TV.

    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    Out of curiousity, are there standard API formats?
    Nope. Not at all.
    Authentication has kind of a standard with OAuth. But the rest is up to the GUIs who design their API.
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    I haven't heard anything back, but the email didn't bounce either, so perhaps he still checks it occasionally.

    In the meantime I'll keep playing around. The holiday weekend gave me enough spare time to get most things working. Enough of the tv data is the same as the movie data that getting it to display in the existing movie page was easy. Ultimately I think a separate scene for tv series is needed, but for now, it's passable.

    I was a bit surprised to see more than one independent effort (excluding IMDB of course) on the net for creating and maintaining movie and tv databases/API services. All different of course. TMBD seems pretty widely used and was the most mature of the ones I looked at.
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    TMDB today is more or less the default source for movie posters and backdrops for all those shiny Home Theater PC systems out there. At least for the smaller or open source ones.
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    Yeah I saw some of them listed on their site, which I thought was pretty cool.

    I have nearly everything working again, only a bit left to do. I may be missing something, but on their new browse API I can't find a way to ask for the response to be sorted like the old API supported.

    I think ultimately my email is not going anywhere - gmail can't reach the destination server, which is no surprise. I will post a patch at the very least, but I'd really like to get ahold of the developer to see if he can submit a new version to HP or if he will let me take over the app and just submit it under a new name.
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    WOW!!!! Didn't realize anybody was using the app anymore. Sorry about that guys. I am trying to decide how I want to handle this. I have been away from a Pre and WebOS development for quite sometime.

    If the traditional SDK and development methods still exist, then it shouldn't be a problem at all for me to push another update. I will just have to remember how to do it. Is Enyo a requirement right now?
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