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    Hello folks! ) Hope all is well with you.

    A friend of mine has an android phone, and has a "scrabblish" game where they each take turns.

    Interestingly enough, it's not "live". Each player will make a move/word, then it will notify the other player that at their leasure, they can make the next move (kind of like long distance chess).

    I have two questions.

    (1) What quality multiplayer games really exist for webOS?
    (2) If anyone is willing to put in the time, to make something similar to this, I believe the original app was called "Word Feud"

    EDIT: the cool thing about Word Feud is all the "games" are kept on the server so it should support cross platform matches (IE: I could play someone who has an android phone!)
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    Wordace/Cardace are realtime multiplayer games.
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    someone please port wordfeud to webos
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    That someone would have to be the Dev.
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    Yea, multilayer via bluetooth would be great!
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