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    So I’ve been wondering about trying some developing, mostly because I find it all interesting. So I’m looking to getting some basics down, not so much a serious dev. (realistically can’t).

    first: I have absolutely no experience what so ever (ok I goggled some basic stuff) after all, I’m only in high-school, but like I said I’m interested and it couldn’t hurt to learn on something believe in. webOS. So what’s the best way to go about learning?

    Second: I downloaded the dev. software (SDK, PDK, VirtualBox, and Eclipse) trying to go in head first, but surprise surprise... I couldn't even get that to work out...the emulator doesn't want to open for me. It flashes a command prompt, which immediately closes. What am I doing wrong? Do you need to have something else open to open the emulator?

    I know all of this is vague, but I don’t know where to start since I can’t even open the emulator (a bad omen? maybe but one ill ignore ) so if anyone has some time, I’d really like to have the skills to do some developing on my own.

    running windows vista 64bit
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    To get the SDK installed properly and the emulator running, follow all the instructions, step-by-step, on this page: Installing the SDK-PDK on Windows €“ Palm Developer Center

    Once you get it working, try installing some of the sample apps included in the SDK into the emulator and browse its code to try to figure out how it works. Also you probably want to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
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    Once you get the SDK and emulator working, feel free to visit some of my tutorials found in my sig.
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    i get to step 4 but the emulator wont open.
    4. Verify the SDK Installation
    1. Start the Palm emulator.
    2. Click OK to dismiss the dialog boxes.
    3. Create or choose a directory to use as your development workspace.
    4. Open a Command Prompt window, and then type: palm-generate
    to verify that the tools are installed:
    * If help information appears, the tools are correctly installed.
    * If palm-generate is not recognized as a command, the tools are not correctly installed.

    when i double click: C:\Users\Main\Desktop\palm\Palm webOS SDK it just flashes a command prompt box for a second then closes.

    and also the java website says my java version is up to date, but typing java -version does nothing
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    Are you running an x64 version of Windows? (assuming you're on Windows).

    If you are, the regular Java download won't work for you, You'll need the 64 bit version.

    If java -version isn't working for you, or giving weird things, then you don't have the correct Java version.

    Try looking for the 64 bit version of Java. If you can't find it, PM me. I'll let you know where it is, if that's your problem.
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    oh sorry i guess that would be useful to say that yes im on windows vista 64bit. but i have the 64-bit version of Java (under program files x86)

    alright so for whatever reason i didnt have the current 64bit java. i feel stupid for not knowing this but thanks for your help
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