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    thanks for making FFPlayer. I have always structured my audo files in folders & wanted an app like this since my PalmOS days.

    I have 2 enhancement requests...

    (1) could you add the ability to recognize & playe WMA files??

    (2) could you add a slider to allow me to advance throu an audio file? I really like to buttons with preset values but I listen to long files (45 - 60 minutes) so I would like a slider in additions to the buttons.

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    thanks fo the feedback! At this point I'll be posting a poll for everyone to vote on the next features. As for WMA, I don't think that WebOS currently supports it. Hopefully WebOS v2.0 will support it.

    @everybody else
    I'm going to need about another week to release the next version of FFplayer. I'm able to easily shuffle songs (while maintaining gapless playback), but the tricky thing is proving to be fetching the bookmark later and reconstructing the shuffled track listing while omitting any previously played tracks.

    Question - once all the uniquely shuffled songs have finished playing, does everyone want it to stop and jump back to list view? Or do you want it to reshuffle all the songs and start playing them all over again?
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    stop and jump back to list view
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    Shuffled playback is here!

    You can now access a new pull down menu at the top left of the Now Playing scene in order to turn Shuffle ON for the currently playing folder. That menu also lets you choose to Repeat the currently playing song (forever until you choose to turn Repeat off again).

    I am still working on creating a global shuffle across all folders.

    The current shuffle feature is per folder, AND every folder has its own memory which tracks which shuffled songs have already been played so that it doesn't play them again. You can navigate to a different folder or even close FFplayer and then open it again and the shuffled memory will remain in tact for each folder. Only once all shuffled songs in a given folder have been played, does the memory for that folder get cleared/reset. You can turn shuffle on and off as much as you want and the memory remains in tact. You can even remove songs or transfer more songs from your computer to a given folder and the memory remains in tact. Any time you turn shuffle off, then all songs in the current folder get reordered sequentially, and all tracks in the folder get played. Once you turn shuffle back on, the memory kicks in and the folder will not play any shuffled songs that you have already heard.

    The preferences menu on the List View scene can now be accessed from the top left menu, or from the "menu" button at the top center of the scene. In the preferences menu, you can now choose to lock the screen orientation in either portrait or landscape mode.

    I modified the bookmark behavior. Now a bookmark does not get created when you do a back gesture. It only gets created when you click the pause button on the currently playing track. If people don't like this then let me know, but I figured this is ideal so that you can navigate all over the place without losing your bookmarked item. The only time you need to create a bookmark is to capture the currently playing song name and elapsed time. EVERYTHING ELSE is automatically saved (including the last background you chose, and whether or not you left Shuffle on). If you plan on leaving shuffle on all the time, then you never really need to use the bookmark feature. Because even if you manually choose to launch a song that you've heard before (during shuffled playback), the folder memory will kick in after that song finishes playing, and you'll have a uniquely shuffled track listing regardless.

    Note: when Shuffle is on, if you choose to skip past a song (prematurely) before it finishes playing, it will still be added to memory and not be played again (until either all shuffled tracks have been played, or if you turn Shuffle off)

    The folder memory feature required me to rewrite a significant amount of my code, so I won't be surprised if you all find a couple bugs (even though I've done some thorough testing already). So please report any bugs you find!

    I need to slow down a bit. I'm going to spend the next few weeks leisurely implementing global shuffle across all folders. Then later I'll work on whatever features are voted on in the poll (which right now, LOL, there appears to be an overwhelming response for a dashboard feature, so I'll probably be working on that). If you havn't voted yet, please do so at...

    Thanks, and enjoy!
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    Very nice update! Folder shuffle works great! Only had a chance to try bookmarks a couple of times, but so far so good.

    I see a lot of ideas being floated around, and I could see the potential for bluetooth, etc.. but whatever you do, please keep it fast. If a graphic scrub bar causes the whole IO to slow down, then dump it, keep it it lean 'n mean.

    If I had a nice set of bluetooth headphones, or car kit, I would probably be clamoring for support, but I don't.

    My requests at this point are petty and minor. It's close to perfect the way it is, and it's come to these nitpicky little suggestions:

    1. Play/pause graphic seems counterintuitive to me. It currently shows the mode you are in, but I think it should show the mode you wish to activate. I think you should hit the triangle to play, then hit the bars to pause.
    2. This ones kind of a biggie actually. Physically separate the play/pause from other functions. Make the play button big and round, and move the skip and (gasp) delete out of the way. Bonus points for making any undifferentiated part of the screen activate play and pause. (for stupid-easy driving operation.) I'd lose the background selector.
    3. Taking a cue from Dr. Podder, make the act of removing a headphone plug pause the music. This is especially helpful for us sorry losers that use a cassette adapter in our pickup trucks to listen while we drive.. you finally park and yank the plug and it's not still blaring out the built-in speaker.

    But basically this app is just awesome as-is. The mere ability to play songs from a windows file structure is absolutely golden. Do any other phones have apps like this? I'm sure we all feel pulled to the dark side of iOS and Android at times, I know I do. But if neither of those OS's had any ability to play tunes from file folders, this app alone would be a strong argument for me to stay the webOS course.

    Thank you, Mayo!!
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    Thanks neve! As always your words are very motivational

    As for the play/pause graphic, my wife mentioned the same thing about it being counter intuitive! I guess I can reverse it. Also I definitely agree that either I need to make the play/pause button larger, or I need to incorporate the ability to tap (to use your words) an "undifferentiated" part of the screen in order to pause the track. I'll definitely get around to this eventually.

    As for bluetooth... I think the lack of bluetooth support is actually related to the issue of the song not pausing when you unplug the audio cable. I believe the source of the problem is that I have not yet made use of the MediaExtension library, and thus I have not set the Class of my Audio Object to be specified as being "media", so that WebOS recognizes and treats it as such. I will need to investigate this, as it could potentially solve both problems. Would any developers out there like to weigh in on this one with your thoughts?

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    Man, this is just the app I needed... It works great, operates just like I organize my music, nice clean UI...
    I am really thankful to be able to use this! Thank you very much!
    Good job!
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    I got so excited because I thought I could play more video content (FFMPEG?). Alas, no :-}
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rkguy View Post
    I got so excited because I thought I could play more video content (FFMPEG?). Alas, no :-}
    LOL yes when I named my app I had no idea that "Fast Forward Projects" even existed (I only found out about them later when doing a random Google search!). The FF in my app FFplayer stands for "File Folder", not "Fast Forward". Interestingly it appears that Fast Forward Player has ceased development since over 3 years ago!
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    Bluetooth is here!

    It was much easier than I thought. My recent assumptions were correct in that all I needed to do was affiliate my audio object with the "media" class.

    NOTE: Bluetooth only works when Gapless Playback is OFF

    Also when gapless playback is off, you can now unplug a headphone audio cable in order to automatically pause the current song. As a bonus, since bookmarks are automatically created whenever the song pauses, that means the act of unplugging an audio cable will result in a new bookmark being created!

    I have also added a feature so that EVERY folder can now store its own unique bookmark. On the ListView scene you'll notice a new bookmark button at the top. You'll need to first navigate to the folder you want, and then press the bookmark button to launch the bookmark pertaining to that folder.

    NOTE: For the new bookmark feature to work, you will need to REMOVE FFPLAYER before installing this new version.

    Note that the "now playing" button at the top right of the ListView scene no longer fetches bookmarks. Its only purpose now, is to bring you straight to the NowPlaying scene if a song is currently playing.

    I also replaced the "menu" button at the top of the ListView scene with a cooler looking "gear" icon.

    Finally I swapped the behavior of the play/pause button so that while a song is playing, you see the "double bars" icon on the button.

    Future development...
    I'm still working on global shuffle. And I'm still monitoring the Official Poll. So far it looks like I'll be implementing dashboard controls on locked screen.

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    I have to say your app is for WebOS what Foobar2000 was for Windows (to me anways), a god send. Finally I can take advantage of my hours of meticulous file organization.
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    very good app. i hate playlists. much easier for me to create a folder and drop all my favorite songs into or an album.
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    Just an update from a Pixi user:

    1. Preset ff/rew buttons do not work.
    2. Gapless playback does not work.
    3. Where the track time is supposed to be displayed (centered near the top) every song shows "NaNm NaNs". Also, elapsed track time shows on right side, but remaining track time does not show on the left side.

    Layout is fine, all buttons fit well on the Pixi screen.
    Not sure about the bluetooth problem.

    I hope this gets fixed soon, I really like the program!
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    Thanks for the feedback. A few things...
    1) "preset ff/rew buttons"... are you refering to the preset skip values (like +5, +30, etc.)? Or are you referring to the buttons on either side of the play/pause button?
    2) Gapless playback will only be noticeable with two tracks that were recorded without dead air (with no fade in/out) at the beginning/end of the songs. Are you certain that you are testing gapless playback with such songs?
    3) I have been noticing the odd time where duration/elapsed time are not displayed correctly... I'm in the midst of debugging this now. Is this happening all the time for you? Or just sometimes?
    4) Are you experiencing bluetooth problems when gapless playback is turned off?
    5) Please make sure that no animated backgrounds are on when performing your tests. Also for the types of issues you describe, make sure that Shuffle is turned off when testing.
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    Ok, now that you have educated me on the gapless playback feature, I have figured it all out.

    I turned gapless playback off and now the preset skip values work, track timers are good, no issues!!

    Thanks a BUNCH! Great work!
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    Great! Yes I've noticed recently that ONLY when Gapless playback is on, there are sometimes issues with the duration/elapsed time not displaying properly. This then causes some of the buttons not to work properly. Once I find a fix for this, I'll release a new version. Thanks
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    I have a lot of albums that have meshing tracks and it bugs the hell out of me when it stops between songs. That's why I downloaded this and the gapless playback would be amazing, if the app didn't rearrange the albums track order into alphabetical order with no way to switch it back to the original order. To be able to keep the track set in order would make this perfect for those type of albums. When the tracks aren't in order, it just sounds like a trainwreck. Thanks for all the effort!
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    @ ckynynja
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Whenever I rip a CD to my computer the default behavior is that my ripping software prefixes each track with a track number. This means that the alphabetical sorting of FFplayer still keeps all tracks in their natural order. If your tracks are from an original album, then I'm surprised they don't have numerical prefixes in the file name. It sounds to me like you have saved your track order using a playlist via your PC.

    As for having FFplayer recognize your playlist order right off the bat when it is not in numerical nor alphabetical order, the only way that will happen in a future release of FFplayer is if you are willing to use M3U formatted playlists.

    Otherwise, it sounds like you might desire a feature in FFplayer for being able to resort all tracks and then save the custom sort order.

    Either way, please vote on what you want in the Official Poll mentioned in one of my earlier posts. For now as a workaround however, you can rename your tracks on your PC adding a numerical prefix to them.

    @ Everybody else


    This is simply a bug fix.

    The duration/elapsed time no longer get broken when gapless playback is on.
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    1) Global shuffle
    2) Auto bookmark
    3) Auto launch

    Global shuffle
    There is a new item in the top left menu on the ListView scene which enables you to shuffle all songs across all folders and subfolders.
    Later you can deactivate global shuffle from the top left menu of either the NowPlaying scene or the ListView scene.

    Auto bookmark
    There is a new way to create a bookmark. Just swipe away the entire app with only a single swipe (aka minimize FFplayer), and wait for a notification at the bottom that says Bookmark SAVED. Then you can safely swipe away a second time to close the app completely. Also the bookmark now remembers the shuffle status at the time of creating the bookmark.

    Auto launch
    This is a new item in the Preferences menu on the ListView scene. When you turn this ON, then the next time you open FFplayer, it will automatically launch the last bookmark you saved. This is a great way to resume where you left off after closing FFplayer and then opening it again later. Just open FFplayer and sit back and wait for it to find the last song you were listening to.
    Auto launch also considers the shuffle status at the time you created that last bookmark. So if for example, global shuffle was on when you created the last bookmark, then the next time you open FFplayer, it will automatically start global shuffle and resume the last song you were on.

    I've updated the Help menu in FFplayer, so take a look if you want to know more.

    FFplayer is built on Jason Robitaille's FileMgr service which runs on his own personal server. By inference that means FFplayer runs on Jason's server. Now that I've implemented the Global Shuffle feature, there is a heavier load being placed on Jason's server when FFplayer scans all of your folders and subfolders for songs. So please, if you like FFplayer and especially if you find yourself using the Global Shuffle feature a lot, then please DONATE TO JASON. You can donate to Jason Robitaille by going to the following link, then at the bottom of Post #1 you will find a donate button. I've already given Jason a generous donation, and it would be wonderful if you all would make a donation to him as well in order to keep his work and FFplayer alive. Thank you.

    I will now start programming:
    1) dashboard on locked screen
    2) slider bar for scrubbing
    I will also start investigating the option to tap anywhere on the screen to pause the track, and swipe anywhere to advance to the next track.

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    1) Dashboard Controls
    2) Scrubber
    3) Spaced apart the current control buttons at bottom of screen

    Dashboard Controls
    We've now got dashboard controls on locked screen, as well as being available while using other apps on your device. Upon turning your screen off, you'll notice that the dashboard controls appear. They also appear if you navigate away from FFplayer and launch some other app. The dashboard controls display the current song path and a few basic buttons in order to navigate (or pause) the track. Initially you'll notice two little FFplayer icons at the bottom right of your screen. Just click them in order to bring up the dashboard. When you want to minimize the dashboard, just do a forward swipe across the bottom of your device.

    I decided to make the scrubber very minimalistic for asthetic reasons. When a song (or audio book) is playing, you'll notice an FFplayer logo slowly moving across the bottom of the screen. This reflects the progress through the timeline of the track. You can drag the logo (aka scrubber) and then let go in order to advance through the track. Dragging the scrubber to the middle of the screen represents advancing to the middle of the song (or audio book), regardless of how long the track is. Likewise dragging the scrubber and letting go three quarters of the way across the screen represents advancing three quarters through the track.

    You can actually replace the FFplayer logo for the scrubber with either a different static image or even an animated image by replacing the file "slidericon.gif" at /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.realmayo.ffplayer/images
    (Note: there is also a hidden "slidericon_bar.gif" you can replace in order to have a static or animated bar (or seires of dots) appear along the scrubber path. Also you can replace the "slidericon_selected.gif" for the onlick event of the scrubber - have fun!)

    I will begin to implement the ability to click/swipe anywhere on the screen in order to pause/skip the track.

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