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    With the skype sdk released and the new mic api for webos 2.0 do you think palm has made an app. If not how long do you think before someone does?
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    .... not soon ....

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    I imagine the day of the update to the public which opens the Mic we'll see a Skype App, from someone.
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    The Skype pictured in the released images a week or so back seemed to indicate to me that some sort of Skype integration was coming on webOS 2.0.

    Did I misread that?
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    for Android it's available now (Skype for Androidâ„¢ - download for your phone )

    Perhaps you all just try with your webOS phone this URL
    Download Skype for your mobile

    So they probably see that there is a demand for Skype on webOS.

    Because that webOS 2.0 screenshot was only the IM names in contacts menu, and there is skype already now:
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    Just curious, have you tried Voxofon
    I love it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RealMayo View Post
    Just curious, have you tried Voxofon
    I love it!

    I'm going to give them a try when I'm in vegas in a couple of weeks!!


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