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    I shot a email at Audible over the weekend asking what they would require for a webOS Audible app. I frankly did this to see what if any response I would get, hoping aganist hope that they might give some indication that since the merger, a webOS app might be back on their radar. I did get a response that they were interested in hearing more. I have nowhere near the skills required for such a project, but wanted to pass this on to see if someone with the chops would want to take it on.
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    With the new PDK, it's really easy to port iOS apps to webOS now, isn't it? Take Angry Birds, for example. I think most of what it would take is Audible either releasing their iOS app code to someone, or them using the PDK themselves.
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    They need to sell more webos phones and maybe they will make an app for webos although I don't see either happening...lucky thing I also have an Evo.
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    With multiple Audible threads out on the forums, I wasn't sure where to post. This thread, however, best describes my thoughts on the subject. I have emailed Audible several times and hp at least once expressing interest in beta testing an Audible player app and requesting update on any progress. I have read various reports claiming then-Palm would not release the neccessary coding information to Audible, others claiming Audible is sitting on the coding information waiting for webos to take off. After more than two years, I still don't have a definitive answer and cannot understand why, in all that time, an app has not been released. It's true that I listen to audiobooks on another device, but it would be nice to not have to carry that one and my phone. So I appeal to the homebrew community. Perhaps a developer could contract out his/her services to Amazon (which is Audible's parent company) in order to code a webos-specific app or to port an app which aready exists for competing mobile operating systems (iphone, Android, and Blackberry). I'm curious to know what it took to get a Kindle app for TouchPad (Kindle being an Amazon service as well) because that might be the path to follow.
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    My guess is the issue has to do with the copy right restrictions. webOS has rather limited support for most DRM schemes. Unless Audible allows it, you also won't see a home brew solution for the same reason.

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