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    We recently submitted this game to the beta feed..

    http ://developer.palm. com/appredirect/?

    and have several concerns we want to ask you about.

    Issues we have acknowledged:
    1. Control of players need to be improved
    2. Sound effects (WIP, we are recording these)

    So, we would like to ask for your suggestions on how to:
    1. Make the controls easier to use
    2. Whether you understand how to start a game from the main menu?
    3. Have you managed to start a multiplayer game?
    4. Other...

    Thank you!
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    v1.0.5 -- on the beta feed now

    I've changed the way the controls work, please let me know if this is better or worse?
    I've added a sound effect, more to come.

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    v1.0.6 now available on the app catalog for Pre and Pixi. Your comments would be welcome!!

    http ://

    http ://

    (without spaces)

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