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    For some reason, screen state does NOT seem to be working as it is supposed to.
    Drain rate:
    Screenstate 125/800 - 9.89% per hour with the screen off the entire time
    Palm default - 1.98& per hour with the screen off the entire time

    ***??? I have the latest versions of govnah and uberkernel installed.

    Any ideas?
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    I had the same problem with screenstate. I am currently using the conservative govenor set at 500/1G with much better results.
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    The theory is: The faster your phone returns to idle, the more power it will save. This is based off a linux kernel theory. Basically if it uses more power getting to idle faster, it'll save more power, rather than trying to get to idle at 125mhz and using the power to get to idle. Being idle is still a state that the phone is in.

    I use 1ghz/500mhz screenstate.
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