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    hey guys, I was wondering if any developers could turn that site into an app? I absolutely love this site, and this app is on my sisters iphone too, even free. But I'll gladly pay! Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks.
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    This isn't an app, but until someone develops one, it may be of some use to you.

    The site below converts regular web sites into mobile sites.

    Go to the above link on your phone, then enter into the URL box. You will then get a mobile version of the site which you can bookmark.

    Not the greatest but a workaround until something better comes along.
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    aw thanks! That's still very helpful
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    You're welcome. Also, instead of adding it as a bookmark, you can add it to a launcher page so it appears as an app would.

    Once you are on the page, choose "web" from top left, then "page" and then "add to launcher." It will then show as an icon on the launcher page.

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