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    Hi, i'm very new to coding, and i am in the middle of making a 2d game in Game editor. Is it possible to port this game so it works with webOS? Through the pdk would be the best, i am a fan of HW accelerating and it wouldn't look good if you would need 1 GHz "patch" to play the crouded levels.

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    As long as it exports for iPhone, you just need to compile the source using the PDK and it should run for the Pre.

    Note that there are some differences in compilation, such as various system calls. For the most part, it should compile fine.
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    The game editor is actually able to export it as a iphone game, it should be possible, but is it very hard? Remember i'm very new to this and do have problem understanding c++ and c programing toturals for starters.

    EDIT: The Game editor is not able to export it as a iphone game, but: "Game data only (iPhone, iPad or game level without the executable engine)" and "game data onlu for pocket pc, handheld pc, smartphone or gp2x"
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