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    EDIT: I figured out a way to make it work. The USB ports in the back run off of different drivers compared to the ones in the front, so plugging into the back made everything work perfect.


    I have a problem with windows 7 not recognizing my Pre. Everything used to work fine (USB Drive, WebOSQI, etc), it was only after trying to install the MyTether USB drivers that kind of messed everything up. I had to change out the drivers for the USB drive and now whenever I plugin my Pre, it shows up in devices but that's about it. The USB drive shows up but asks me to format it every time I click it. I was getting this error on my old pre and on the new one I just got today (speaker stopped working) so it's definitely not the phone.

    My brothers computer recognizes the phone just fine. Any way I can somehow reset the drivers or maybe redownload what's needed to recognize the phone? I've tried different USB ports as well.

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