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    A few weeks ago, while jamming out to some tunes on my Palm Pre, I started thinking how great it would be to stream the MP3’s located on my home computer. Instead of constantly updating my music over USB, it would be much more convenient to have access to my entire music collection regardless of location. Additionally, I wanted to set up my own server running at home so I wouldn’t have to use a third-party service. (The great advantage of streaming is that you don’t have to decide what music to upload to a device ahead of time.)

    With these goals in mind, I set out on the Internet and found the Ampache project and Ampache Mobile, the associated webOS client. Combined, these software packages allow webOS to stream and manage music from home computers equipped with the appropriate software.

    A small warning ahead of time: the Ampache software is well suited to developers and hobbyists, but probably not for an average user. A good knowledge of Apache web servers and MySQL is helpful, especially if you plan to serve this content securely over the web. However I had no problems installing the software, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

    Once installed, the server interface of Ampache can manage users, music, videos, and playlists. There are other capabilities I have yet to explore like Localplay and transcoding. I found the server-side software to be a bit cumbersome, but after some fiddling and reading instructions (gasp!), I had my music collection scanned and ready for use!

    On the webOS side of things the installation is simple. Just download Ampache from the App Catalog and launch the application. When Ampache first loads there’s a Welcome screen with an introduction, and then you set preferences. Being the type to skip introductions, I went straight for the preferences. Setup here is pretty easy—in my case I decided to test the setup first over my local Wi-Fi network. I used the static IP address I had assigned my Ampache Server, and entered the user and password I had assigned in the server software.

    A few extra configurations screens provide settings for cover art downloads, 2G service, buffer, and search. Note: This example is on my home network but with a some configuration of the firewall, it’s a quick step to stream anywhere on the net by using your public IP address.
    Account information

    Account Extras

    More Features

    After configuring the account, it was time to log in. One on the main menu page, there are options to list content by artist, album, playlist, and more. I created a quick M3U play list and uploaded it to the server for testing. Once in the play list screen, tapping on any song will begin playback once enough of the song has buffered. The software will buffer ahead the number of songs configured for the account. I set my account to buffer two songs while on WiFi, while on 3G I chose to buffer three. That way, if I drop out of 3G-cell tower range while driving, I’ll have a few minutes to reconnect.
    Main Menu

    Streaming Play List

    Now Playing

    Note well—if you have a limited data plan, this may not be the app for you! Streaming music can run through your monthly data allotment pretty quickly. However, the combination of Ampache and Ampache Mobile is a great solution for technical users and hobbyists who want to stream their personal music libraries from anywhere.

    More info and screen shots on:
    Ampache Mobile: Stream your music anywhere | Palm Developer Center Blog
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    Ampache Mobile is one WebOS app that serves as a client for Ampache, as you described above. But there's also an alternative: AmpachePre is an WebOS app that's also a client for Ampache and has similar features. I intalled both, but preferred AmpachePre because it's display was more intuitive and it was easier to play entire albums rather than shuffling everything. I'd suggest trying both, the setup is virtually the same for both.
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    i'm having trouble in the inital config of ampache on my windows 7 machine.

    IIS setup, PHP, Mysql, all in stalled. default website in IIS set to ampache dir. Use my local login as anonymous authentication.

    However, I get to the create database screen and it hangs when it tries to create the database. I've setup permissions on the ampache directory, but it still hangs, any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by canderoc View Post
    I intalled both, but preferred AmpachePre because it's display was more intuitive and it was easier to play entire albums rather than shuffling everything.
    To play the entire album simply tap the first song in the list for that album
    Ampache Mobile allows you to stream all YOUR music and videos from your computer to your phone.

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