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    the PS3 hack makes me revive an old post of mine. I asked if it was possible to make a USB bootable Linux partition just like a jump drive by partitioning the pre. If the PS can recognize the Pre as a USB drive @ boot why not a PC? Also, I wonder if anyone has ever partitioned their Pre, and what were the results? If I take the jump and do this, what are the odds it will be reversible without a doctor visit?
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    unless you pc is running linnux I doubt it!
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    what OS the PC is running, has nothing to do withh the ability to recognize, and boot from a USB stick. The live Linux medium is loaded onto the USB drive and you tell the PC where to boot from. I can handle the partitioning, NP. What my concern is, is can the Pre handle it?
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    That's a neat idea. I've opted to simply have GNU tools for windoze, some portable apps, and a custom launcher for it all on my pre. Plug it into a windoze box, and you have all of your toys ready to go. I can even run perl executables as #! scripts :-). Oh, and I run a portable wiki (moin) too!
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    Well, you're messing with the partition table. I assume that the Doctor repairs things like damaged partitions. From what I gather, the USB portion is a separate partition from the OS, so it should be just fine.
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    Didn't know there were GNU tools for windows...That's interesting. I'll look into that. Aside from that, I want to be able to boot into Linux, not use GNU tools from windows. I do not like using windows when I don't have to. Just though it'd be easier to make a USB boot device on my Pre, than to carry Linux CD's around. I'm pretty sure the Doctor would fix it, just trying to avoid needing to doctor if I don't have to. I ran into issues the one time I tried it(with my first Pre) and don't relish the thought of being stuck into the corner where that's my only option. That being said, I will do it if the need arises and am not shy about having to try to reverse the change. What I VERY much want to know is, if I do this, will the rest of the functions of my Pre be unaffected? Has anyone ever tried to partition their Pre?
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    I used that as my base. I added other things that worked better as I discovered them. That gives a good start with a zsh environment. If you want, I can post the launcher script that I wrote that makes sure $HOME and everything get set properly from any machine when you launch zsh. This stuff wasn't written originally to be portable (run from a usb drive), but it didn't take a lot of effort to make it work.
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    if it worked, you would quickly realize that the memory used in the Pre is the slowest ever made. it would kill your performance.

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