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    Hey Guys,

    first of all, I'd like to give big props to everyone in developing homebrew for the excellent palm
    I have one big problem... after installing the update of virtual keyboard today, the keyboard won't pop up anymore. I double tapped slow, also fast in the gesture area but nothing changes.. I Also can't find anything like options in my launcher, that I could search for the problem myself..

    Sorry for my bad english, but I hope that you guys may can help me. I don't want to slide my phone up everytime, for example a short message.

    Thank you !
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    I couldn't get my keyboard to pop up either after installing it. I re-installed ane THEN I installed a "Keyboard" theme and all is good. The themes are under "Themes" in Preware. Maybe that will help.
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    ok.. thanks for your help, I'll test it tomorrow und post, if it works !
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    I tried it - it works!!
    thank you very much! but a theme as qwertz keyboard would be very nice, I did not find one..

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