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    I have a patch request that I think would be a good battery saver while being convenient for the user. Is it posible for someone to make a patch that goes to 100 brightness while charging and goes back to whatever setting you had it on while not charging?
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    You can get away with this using Mode Switcher, which is on Preware. Awesome homebrew app, really eliminates the need for niche patches so you can change the behavior of a Pre without the need of coding specific patches.
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    I didn't know this type of app was available thank you. I will take a look at it to see how it works but still would prefer having a patch.
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    anyone else like this idea?
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    Mode switcher can definitely do this. Try it and you'll be doing some really cool stuff with it. e.g. With my Pre on, I turn to the left (landscape) and put it on the touchstone, then it will launch the analog clock and keep the screen on - when I take it off the TS, it closes the clock and all settings go back. If I turn my Pre to the right and put it on the touchstone, it will turn the brightness to minimum and launch the music player and stay on. Pretty slick if you ask me.
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    I don't even go above 40 when I'm using the phone, sure as heck don't want it at 100 when on the TouchStone.

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