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    So I'm looking to gain proper access to my phone's internals and I have followed the steps from the guides I've found "the Google" but every time I see a reference to this serial driver I need it's a dead link. Goes to some which apparently lost everything in a server fire and anyway... I would appreciate it if someone could give me some pointers on finding it. Maybe I overlooked something or someone else has it..?

    Thanks for any help you can offer!!
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    Download Internalz by Jason R. You can also download webos QI, but you need to install Palm SDK first
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    Are you talking about the USBnet driver? If so, follow the first half of these directions to download.
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    thanks for the replies guys, i love this community!

    what i'm trying to do is gain access using QPST/QXDM so I can modify a few settings (and get my MSL code if I can) for some other plans that I have . Anyway whenever I plug in my Pre it tries to find drivers and fails on "generic serial" and "reduced CDC abstract control model." I'd like to know where I could find those because every place I look references which is effectively dead now.

    EDIT: uhh, i guess it's important to note that i am using win7 x64
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    There are drivers linked in the GPS thread that explains how to use QPST to modify the GPS settings.

    The only thing is that I know that when I did it, I had to use my netbook for the connection, because the only drivers linked in the thread or Win7 were not for x64.

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