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    [I am not accepting any more testers at this time. Thanks for all the help!]

    I'm a new PDK developer and am developing a music-related app on the Pixi. I'm also planning on releasing it for the Pre. I've done the engineering required to make it work on both phones, but I haven't got my hands on a Pre quite yet for testing (I've tested it with the Win32 host libraries and my screen scaling works). So, can you help me confirm that my work-in-progress app installs and runs on the Pre so that I know I'm not way off base? No detailed testing required. I just need you to install it, launch it, and then report back with a "yes it launched" or "no, you have failed." That is it.

    PM me if you own a Pre (either plus or non-plus) and are interested. Many thanks...
    Last edited by SirGnip; 09/02/2010 at 11:15 PM. Reason: Accepting no more testing at this time. Lots of generous people helped.
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    I'd be happy to help you out mate. Sent a pm.
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    Ditto. {Jonathan}

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