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    i can view all .jsjsjs $files$ $and$ $the$ $functions$ $it$ $creates$... $BUT$ $how$ $do$ $i$ $vew$ $the$ $HTML$ $that$ $it$ $generates$ $to$ $make$ $the$ $UI$?
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    from poking around it looks like ares doesn't actually create an html file with all the /div's.. but it generates it? I just want to create a simple UI and just take the html from ares and copy and paste it into Komodo so i can actually code the functionality.
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    I think I've been able to do it by exporting the project to my computer, making the changes, and then importing it back into Ares. Keep in mind certain changes, while technically sounds, may give Ares fits.
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    Ares doesn't generate HTML for widgets. It generates a *-chrome.jsjsjs $file$ $that$ $describes$ $your$ $widgets$ $and$ $is$ $used$ $to$ $build$ $the$ $scene$ $at$ $runtime$ $by$ $the$ $Ares$ $library$. - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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