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    THanks for all the suggestions and the title piece of code! I will try to implement all the "cons" described above.

    kleany, do you load via iTunes or manually?
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    itunes doesn't find my pre.

    I use doubletwist and just kinda drag n drop it.
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    lack of a scroll bar(fast forwarding, rewinding in a song)
    Tap on Artist, Album and Song Title in Now Playing to get the scrollbar

    lack of return to Home button or gesture
    Tap on album art in Now Playing to return Home
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    on a side note, i love the layout and how clean it looks! people are trying to fit too much functionality on the screen. yours is simple clean and attractive looking, keep the big album art!
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    kleany, thanks. And I'll look into your art problem.

    also if someone of the Moderators are reading this topic: I think I made a mistake posting here, maybe the thread could be moved to WebOS Apps & Software section?
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    Looks interesting! I'm guessing this is for 1.4.5???
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    It should work on older versions starting at 1.4 but I personally tested it only on 1.4.5
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    Good work giving it a simple interface and keeping it light. There are some other apps out there that seem like they try to do too much and it keeps things cluttered and complicated.
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    any other thoughts?
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    swipe left and right to change songs would be cool!
    ex. swiping right on the album art to change to the next track.

    when you select an album, the track list screen, would be cool if the background changed to the album cover, with a transparent effect.

    just tapping on the album art on the now playing screen, to pause the song, instead of going back to the home screen.

    i dont know, just some ideas :-) i use the phone in my car a lot, hooked up, to my radio, would make it a lot easier that way to change songs and stuff while driving.
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