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    I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in making an oodle app? I know they have an official one for the iphone, but I think given their api's, it might work well on webOS. Now the reason I ask, is because I'm not a developer in any way lol, but the website is pretty clunky from the browser. Here's the link to their developer page: [url= API | Oodle Developer Center[/url] Thanks for your time and consideration and I hope someone will use it!
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    Here is the working link to the Oodle Developer page Welcome, Oodle Developers! | Oodle Developer Center
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    Does no one use oodle?
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    I've never heard of it! :P
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    I had never heard of it till I started looking for a pet. But its almost like craigslist I guess. Its just laid out a bit better than craigslist imo

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