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    Just a quick question for the Javascrip devs out there. I'm looking to purchase a book to help me learn Javascript, however when I search Amazon there are about 18 Billion results.

    What book, or books, would you recommend for someone to learn Javascript from the beginning?

    I have some limited HTML/CSS experience and generally learn fairly quickly from text, just in case that make a difference in your recommendation.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I recommend Javascript: The Definitive Guide from O'Reilly. I can't post links yet but it isn't hard to find on Amazon.
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    I would recommend you goto the W3schools website its the fastest way to get the general idea
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    Here is the link to Javascript the Definitive Guide from O'Reilly: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (9780596101992): David Flanagan: Books
    And Javascript the Good Parts: JavaScript: The Good Parts (9780596517748): Douglas Crockford: Books
    and: JavaScript Tutorial is also an excellant resource for learning Javascript
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    I found Web Development with JavaScript and AJAX Illuminated to be a mostly excellent introductory book. (The last couple of chapters appear to be written by a different author than the rest of the book and aren't as good, but they're less relevant to webOS anyway.)
    One shortcoming is that while it goes over important concepts like closures, it doesn't really press them as best practices. That's where JavaScript: The Good Parts comes in really handy. You just need some groundwork covered before you can get into Crockford's stuff, so read an introductory book first.

    There may be other good ones, but the above two are what I found at the local Barnes & Noble's and the university library, respectively. A lot of people have been recommending the O'Reilly book, so certainly have a look at that.
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    I would agree that O'Reilly books are usually a good choice. I'd probably start with Learning Javascript. It is more of a tutorial. Don't scoff at the Blah Blah For Dummies books either. They have an unfortunate name, but are often good introductions to a subject.
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