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    I had published a new version of my app to palm last week, found a major bug (yes I didn't test properly after small change, bad me), and then requested rejection of that version).

    However, yesterday that version got published and now I'm getting emails from new users saying it doesn't work correctly, they're right btw ...

    Palm didn't notice the rejection request and went ahead and published, it took 6 days for this version to get published, I don't want to wait that long for all the new, and current users for that matter.

    Is there anything I can do? I requested immediate expedition of the new version in the notes to the reviewer, but due to the amount of app submissions, I'm afraid that it's still going to take a long time.
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    Get on the Palm Dev Forums and find the user "webosdev" (whose name is Chuq). He works for the Palm Dev Relations team and has an email address in his signature. You can write him at that email address and see if he can expedite your case.
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    Thanks Dan,

    found his email.

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