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    Hi guys,

    Hoping a developer can give me a quick yes/no on whether we can get programmatic access to the equivalent of the Data Usage On/Off toggle button (found in the Phone App, under Preferences, Network options).

    I'm hoping to write a little app that schedules data usage to help extend battery life. My signal at work sucks, but I dont really need data 9-5 while I'm at work anyway.

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    There's a few patches in preware pertaining to adding data on/off from the top bar dropdown.

    If you take a look at that code, I'm sure it'd be the same thing within an app itself.
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    Is there a way to do it from the linux command line? I'd love to automate turning phone data off when wifi is up. Yeah, they supposedly keep wifi active since the (1.3.5?) update, but in real life it isn't working that way. If I turn phone data off, however, all is peachy.
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