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    I have been wanting to develop for webOS for quite some time now. I have all the tools needed to start developing.

    But I am not getting good comprehensive information on where to start, what to do, how to package etc. Is there any book out there for webOS development?
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    If you don't mind learning from the internet,

    The palm development center is actually pretty comprehensive, and the example apps are pretty complete.

    Getting Started - Palm Developer Center

    And if you use it's pretty simple to start messing around, and it easily sends the program to your Palm Pre or an emulator for device testing.
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    You might try one of these two books:

    Palm webOS [Paperback] ~ Mitch Allen - $28.95 - 2 star rated Palm webOS (9780596155254): Mitch Allen: Books

    Practical Palm Pre WebOS Projects (Beginning) [Paperback] ~ Frank Zammetti - $29.19 - 4 star rated Practical Palm Pre WebOS Projects (Beginning) (9781430226741): Frank Zammetti: Books

    I would recommend reading the reviews carefully before doling out almost $30.00 for a book.
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    thanks guys..I will check them out.

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