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    Have been seeking the perfect Social CRM (Customer Relations Management Cloud Software) that will sync contacts/email/calendars/statues/profile information/messages - i.e. everything - in all directions - so no matter which app/site/email you pull up you have access to all, so you can pull up any contact in any place and have access to all the information and has its own website/cloud app that lts you see and manage all and use/move/message/post across and between all easil, that helps you find the information you need, the people you need fast and easy. In one place. And much more.

    There are many out there but NONE that so all this. Nimble, I hear is aiming to do all this and more. They are developing it as a cloud app but since WebOS does a good chunk of this (but not enough) it would be cool if there was a WebOS developer willing to work with them to make a WebOS app for Nimble.

    Beta for Nimble coming out in days or maybe weeks. I have applied to be a Beta User. I also am hoping to be matchmaker between a WebOS developer and Nimble. I have already written Nimble about WebOS and pushed them to do this. If this intrigues/excites you contact me.

    For information about Nimble:

    Dr. Frankenstein’s Social CRM
    The Nimble Blog
    and check Nimble out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn


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