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    I'm an Ubuntu user & have come to depend on TomTom notes -- it's been ported to a lot of other platforms (including Android) but not here.
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    I am in the same position.
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    In for a +1
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    Tomboy is real good. It is one of those apps that teaches you a thing or two when you begin to use it. It's especially good at covering the bases and handling everything you need to handle with notes. Right now what I need is a mobile app that will access my tomboy notes which are synched with ubunto one.
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    Until there is an app, you can just use the web browser.

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    +1 from me, as well. Getting Tomboy for WebOS would more than make up for the turd-fest that is the built-in Memo app. ClassicNote is great, but Tomboy would be awesome.
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    I totally agree. This needs to happen. Tomboy notes or a Ubuntu One app would be awesome. I have spoken to Ubuntu One and they are willing to work with developers to allow an app to be created. I don't have the skills to do it myself, but maybe someone will give it a go.
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    +1 from me!

    I've contacted Tamoggemon team. They are authors of great Text Editor for Pre. Although their app does not support formatting like Tomboy, they might consider adding support for importing Tomboy notes.

    If you want to contact them, find Simon Pfundstein on their website
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    +1 It'd be great to have tomboy on webos

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