If you haven't heard yet, I'm soon releasing a Fantasy Sports app for Palm webOS: http://forums.precentral.net/webos-a...ming-soon.html

Unfortunately for my apps, I'm a much better coder than artist and while I do my best to make them look nice, they barely ever come across as more than just utilitarian.

So for Fantasy Sports, I'd like to give it a little more pop. Fantasy Sports will be a completely free app, no cost or in-app advertising, so I'm looking for a volunteer artist to join me in the toil of unpaid development hours for this great app. You'll be fully credited in the app and can by all means solicit donations from users.

First off the app needs a good icon. The app will first be for NFL fantasy leagues, then NHL and NBA, hopefully before their seasons start. In 2011 I'll add MLB. Then as Yahoo! adds more sports, NASCAR will probably be next, I'll add those to the app as well. So for the icon, I'm thinking of something featuring the balls/puck of the four foundation sports, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Glossy modern icon preferred.

Once in the app, I'd like some nice backgrounds. If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, get the 2009 Fantasy Football app and the 2010 Fantasy Baseball app and see what they do for backgrounds, pretty cool.

If you're interested, PM me here in the forums and do also post to the forum that you PM'd me, or I might miss it. Please include your email and examples of work, web or app.

Thanks a ton!

twitter: cybler
apps: nearMe, Fantasy Sports