I want to turn on/off timers according to the state of the screen. Thus I added the following part in my main scenes "setup:":

this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.display", {
method: 'status',
parameters:{subscribe: true},
onSuccess: this.displaySuccess.bind(this)

and of course:

MainAssistant.prototype.displaySuccess = function(event) {
Mojo.Log.info = "Displaychange!";
DisplayStatus = event.event;
switch (DisplayStatus) {
case 'displayOff':
case 'displayOn':
The "onSuccess" function gets called correctly, but some buttons of my app won`t react anymore and some other widgets (scrollers, lists) won`t show up at all. These scrollers are hidden and will be shown during setup (according to the chosen "mode" in the apps saved prefs).

If I remove the service request code above, everything works as it should.

What could be the problem?