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    A while back I was reading Dieter's article on webOS 2.0 and I really liked his idea of having your webOS devices basically linked together across the spectrum of devices. The most obvious case would be between a tablet and your smartphone, but it really did get me thinking about the possibilities.
    Taking a quick picture and immediately texting or emailing it to friends and family has always been a feature that I loved since getting my first smartphone. Being able to share an experience is just so rewarding. So I know I'm not alone in wishing I could do it from my digital camera. I know that there are consumer devices like digital cameras that can upload directly to the web, but I think webOS on a camera would be an order of magnitude more advantageous. Think of being able to immediately link with your smartphone, email a pic (or a video), or directly upload to your webOS enables computer, all after taking a photo. Without taking into consideration the requirement of a wireless network to do this, I can see a specialized version of webOS for cameras allowing this.
    The advantages of having webOS on a printer does seem obvious to me as well. However, this got me thinking about other devices that could seriously benefit from being linked to your webOS profile, and I can see a lot. Any other ideas on what else HPalm could integrate webOS into that would make sense? I know toasters are on your mind, but let's just assume that those are a given.
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    Televisions, Gaming Consoles, Digital Picture Frames, Dedicated Music or Video players, Home Control consoles and GPS Turn by Turn consoles are just a few discrete devices that could benefit with being linked with WebOS. If HP and Palm push the WebOS Bluetooth capabilities the Palm Smartphones could link to other devices like printers, fax machines, speakers, keyboards and other input / output devices. It may even be possible to link your phone to your smart car for mileage and tune-up information. Pushed a little further the phone could link to industrial and medical equipment. The possibilities are endless!!!

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    I always looked at the tablet form as an incredibly efficient way for doctors and nurses to carry their patients' medical histories around with them. Multi-tasking in this way would allow them to have multiple records up at once, as well as images of x-rays, prescription information, access to the web, etc. The ability to show a patient in a hospital room their x-rays, lab reports, condition information, and so on, while linking back to their computers, smartphones, etc, seemed like a great idea. Also, they could track a patient's treatment, including monitoring their vital signs and the amount of fluids/medications/etc that they receive in real time. Just tossing them out there.
    I also thought about the car-link as well. Anywhere from starting it, getting diagnostic information, gas mileage reports...all on your phone and your computer.
    It does get really exciting when you try to think of not only what could be linked together, but how it would be done, and the benefits delivered from each device being integrated into one personal ecosystem.
    I don't understand the purpose of the line, I don't need to drink to have fun. Great, no one does. But why start a fire with flint and sticks when they've invented the lighter?

    Let's all give thanks to the app that started it all.
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    D also talked about having access to your WebOS apps through a standard browser. Add that to the mix and the coming collaboration apps. That could really open the possibilities, especially for business users / IT! UCC (voice / video / standard cloud-based office apps / e-mail / IM) all in one mobile OS that even allows some access / functionality through a web browser? Business IT Support would LOVE that! Why do you think RIM still dominates? It's sure not the hardware and software; it's cause it's secure and EASY to support one OS, no matter the BB device. Just my O
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    Sorry... If this is HP / Palm's approach, they will knock-off RIM in the enterprise. ...and if AVAYA uses their HP partnership to deliver a WebOS tablet as a desktop phone relacement (to compete with Cisco's Android tab), I could see where WebOS business app dev would really take off. Geezz, I really hope they do this

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