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    I submitted an app to the catalog for US Only for $0.99. It was rejected. I got an email telling me to fill out the reviewer notes (which I hadn't done) to specify the updates to the app. Well it was my first submission so there were no updates, but I filled it out and resubmitted anyway. It was summarily rejected again, and this time I received no e-mail or feedback as to why.

    I resubmitted the app yet again, and sent an email to inquiring about my difficulties submitting an app.

    For a little history, I posted the app to the Beta catalog for a few days. (with version number 0.5.0) The handful of reviews were favorable and noone reported any problems, so I requested a suspension on the Beta catalog entry, and submitted the same app to the Catalog for $0.99 (with version number 1.0.0)

    Does anyone have any insight on what I could be doing wrong? How can I get Palm to approve my app?
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    did you get an answer from Chuq? Email again if not
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    No, I just sent the email about an hour ago.

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