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    with all the fuss about the pre being limited to what file types can be played on it... i wonder why there is no app to convert the files directly on the pre... for instance if i upload an .mpg video on my pre it would be nice to have an app to convert that file to mp4 no PC needed... i realize this may be a stupid question but does no such app exist??
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    I don't quite think that this is going to be doable until you see a little (a lot) more horsepower under the hood of the device (not just processing power, but lots more RAM also). Someday.... Someone could do something now I'm sure, but it would be awfully clunky.
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    There are some web sites that allow you to uload them & will convert online.
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    Since transcoding high quality video on a desktop can take hours, this wouldn't be something I'd expect a handheld unit to do on the fly any time soon. What we really need is a structure for webOS to allow adding additional audio/video codecs.
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    I convert audio and video files on the Pre all the time with FFMPEG's CLI. I never really gave much thought to a GUI because, well, video takes way longer than really necessary, at least full length films are impossible. It works fine for a/v clips tho.
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    Handbrake. Use the settings for ipod. Perfect every time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    Handbrake. Use the settings for ipod. Perfect every time.
    hand brake does not work on the pre.... are you answering some other question rather than the one being asked?
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    if the pre is connected to the pc, it sees it as a usb drive and handbrake can read/write to that space.
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    I use Any Video Converter to convert videos to watch on the Pre, works great.
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    thanks for the input but delete2end is right.. The question is not for a file converter on a pc but an app on the pre to convert videos so there would be no need for a pc...

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