I am not sure exactly where I should put this, but I would like to let everyone know that Appstuh has made available our PHP/MySQL based makefile.

At this time (based on our needs), we call this from the browser. Keep in mind that if you are running the web server daemon off the same machine you have the emulator running in, you can call the makefile from within the emulator and it will launch the app inside the emulator.

You can find the source code at webOS/makeApp at master from Appstuh's OS-PHP - GitHub.

To call the makefile, you just have to go to http://host/make.php?pkg=your.app.id

To create a Preware/webOS Quick Install -compatible Packages file (and repository), just call http://host/pkg.php (works best with the makefile above).

Please note it IS MySQL based, so you must have a MySQL database available and you MUST be able to edit the pkgs table to add/edit your webOS appinfo.

The appinfo.json file is dynamically generated when you call the makefile, so if you wish for that to NOT be dynamically generated, you must comment it out or remove it.

I hope this helps other developers. It has certainly helped us by cutting down the time we spend building and installing.