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    Have searched a lot of threads, but no answer found...yet

    I have hidden a lot of unused app icons (stock and added) by adding the visible: false statement to the .json file. Saved a lot of space. However, I think I read that there is another statement I can insert in the .json so that if I type Tasks (one of the ones I hid, for ex) in universal search, the icon is displayed and I can run that app.

    Does anyone know what that statement is? Is it the "keywords" statement?
    I dont think so. I hid the bluetooth icon since I dont use it, and it has keywords Wireless, Preferences, and Settings. No matter which of those 3 I type in universal search, I am not shown the bluetooth icon.


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    If the app is set to hidden, you cannot search for it that way.

    You must use the built in kEasterEggs (I think that is correct) option (built into Mojo) to allow you to open it by calling upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart

    EDIT: Link here:
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