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    as i am sure many of you remember the news about a true-blue Lemmings port to the platform - quickly followed by the cease&desist letter from SCEE (Sony); there may still be life in this project!

    we are interested in talking with artists and musicians around doing the next best thing and making it something fresh and updated for the platform. if you are not aware of this project, check:

    if you are, or know of an artist or musician who may be interested in making this title a reality; with a new name, artwork, music, sounds - yet keeping the original spirit of the game - contact me. you can reach me on

    this could be a great way to get your skills shown in a title that has huge potential and also be an opportunity to make some money out of it. we are not going to let this code die, however, we do not see the possibility of obtaining the official license for this title on any platform. i cannot discuss anything more about that - so, lets do the next best thing!

    we are looking at pushing this game out, to the following platforms:

    - iOS
    - web os (palm pre)
    - windows desktop
    - mac osx
    - linux (ubuntu, et al)

    we can even consider an android, Windows Mobile and Symbian versions if there is enough demand for it. the code is pretty much done; we just need to swap out the artwork and audio/music. so, who is up for it!? contact me.
    // Aaron Ardiri
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    Caveman, Caveman HD (touchpad), Cronk and GW Series available on web OS
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    Bump.. I'd love to see this. I'm not an artist so unfortunately I don't think I can help. I discovered your saga through a slashdot story: Slashdot Games Story | 36-Hour Lemmings Port Gets Sony Cease and Desist

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