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    My steps:

    Had to partial erase to update to because it wouldnt show update.

    Installed Preware / Uberkernal and the rest of my stuff

    Messed with the feeds to get testing, finally got it.

    Installed Navit


    Now my preware wont show anything installed, and throws a huge error when updating feeds, and every now and again I lose reception...

    ALSO nothing shows up under webos QI

    Pretty weird. Really dont want to doctor already.

    Anybody else experiencing this?
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    Partial reset erases all the informatino in the apps folder and that is the same place the patches are located. Since they are gone they won't show up but they will still be applied.
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    I should clarify...everything was tits, until I installed Navit, the feeds kept giving me errors for some reason...(testing), and after I finally got it, Preware freaked out.
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    Are you sure you should be on I ask because you didn't state your device and carrier, and with the recent Sprint release you should actually be using the 1.4.5 release if you're on Sprint. Did you install the wrong OS Doctor?
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    somethin aint right...
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    Dammit, it is 1.4.5 sorry for the typo.

    Anyway, went to the Dr. And now everything is fine. It was pretty weird though.

    And yes sprint.
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    Same thing happened to me. Not even WOSQI would recognize anything. If I installed patch already there, it would say, "Patch already already." I uninstalled Preware via the orange+click method. Reinstalled it via WOSQI. Add the testing feeds back and then messed around with it using the save/restore files and something clicked and everything was back. Nothing was removed, but it just wouldn't register in either preware or WOSQI. Wish I could remember the steps, but it was mostly trial and error.

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