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    Arrrggggghhhhh! I Give up(for now) Google latitude is going to have to wait, I have tried HUNDREDS of ways to get it to work and Google returns Invalid Token EVERY TIME.

    I use OAuth for my netphlix app, and a couple other sites, they all just work!!!
    Google on the other hand refuses to let me get an access token no matter what I try.

    I even tried using AuthSub, and ClientLogin but Latitude does not work with those, Has anyone here had experience with Google OAuth and would like to share/contribute to BFGMaps? I would love to offer latitude, buzz and other services in BFGMaps, but the last few days have left BFGMaps with no new updates, and one frustrated developer. :-(

    Tried OAuthSimple jsjsjs $library$, $as$ $well$ $as$ $one$ $from$ $github$ $that$ $was$ $stated$ $to$ $work$ $specifically$ $with$ $WebOS$... $to$ $no$ $avail$.

    Any help would certainly be appreciated.
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    Google has some oddities. I've been working on in-app OpenID login(logging into an OpenID enabled website, in this case mine, using a login provided by an OpenID provider such as google, aol, verisign or myOpenID without having a browser window to perform redirected login and validation in) and google always returns Bad-Request(400) on every signin, but a subsequent request always returns logged-in and passes back the proper validation page. Not sure if it helps, but I've seen several cases around the web where request problems to google APIs were cleared up by forcing utf-8 in the headers. Something like:
    this.request = new Ajax.Request(url, {
    			method:		'post',
    			requestHeaders: { 'Content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8' },
    			evalJSON:	false,
    			onSuccess:	this.bel_AjaxSuccess,
    			onFailure:	this.bel_AjaxFailure,
    			parameters: params });
    It didn't work for me, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Figure it might be worth a shot. - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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