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    I'm out of town for a few weeks and I hate doing dev work on a laptop; so rather than open up Ares and check for myself, I figured I'd ask you guys.

    Is it possible to have a webview widget define a custom css file for an external site?

    Example: I'm getting frustrated with browsing the SomethingAwful Forums on my Pre. Large images completely screw up the tables and force me to constantly zoom in and out to read the threads. I'd like to slap together a quick app that would override the forum's main css file with something a little more mobile friendly.

    Is this possible? Google is failing me right now and screen scraping isn't something I want to get into for a tiny project like this.
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    that would be nice... to have a mobile-izer browser on webOS.. or mobilnator.. or mobile display maker.. or make me not have to zoom out app, like *****!
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    I'm certain that the webview widget has contained the application scope so it wouldn't allow that...
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