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    so ive had my pre for a while now and seem to have developed an addiction to making it do more. developer code --> homebrew apps --> patches --> uberkernal--> rooting for mytether plus more.

    so now im wondering what all i can do next ha. now that i can root it it makes me wondering what can i do in addition to tethering it. so is there anyone out there that knows more can i install?

    ps. linux
    1.first i see most places specify that the pre can run Linux NATIVE apps. is this a subcategory or a synonym? or more simply can it run all linux apps or just some?
    2.And what linux apps are good. I havenít used other linux computers so Iím not sure what all there is
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    You could alpha test kernels.
    Create apps/patches for yourself.
    Beta test new up and coming software, such as Mojo Messenger.
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    check out the animated gifs for background, top bar, messaging, etc. That may grab your interest for a while.
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    develop if you've got the skills. Wish I could.
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    emulators i was playing pokemon on my pre for a while
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    +1 on the gifs. I'm having a blast creating and trying them out. Already have made 25 that I can't decide between. Should keep things interesting for a couple more weeks.
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    The term 'Rooted' does not apply to webOS devices. They are already rooted. There is no 'jailbreaking'. There is an On and off button in the developer mode menu. That's it. You do not "root" this phone. You can access a command line with root access, but that about as close to the term "rooted" as you get. You Root android. You jailbreak iOS ... and webOS... Well you just use webOS.
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    WebOS, you just use it.

    That should be the Palm catch-phrase.

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