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    There is a package in the preware kernel testing feeds called AUFS (Another Union File System); I tried to find documentation on AUFS but I could find very little information that related to the pre (at least in my limited understanding of the pre and linux file systems). The only thing I found was that AUFS is of use when dealing with the limitied life of flash drives, as well as mounting Live versions of operating systems. Can anyone she's some more light on this subject?
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    Sounds like the old Ausie File System, mate! OK, sorry for the lame, unhelpful joke.
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    Are you sure its not the gold file system? /lame atomic symbol joke
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    Well -- say you have two different filesystems on two different partitions.
    You carry the same filesystem construct, each directory structure completely identical.
    This allows you to run both filesystems together as one single, virtual, filesystem view.

    In one scenario, you have one read-only filesystem, and a writable-removable drive.
    You can make the writable filesystem have 'priority' over the read-only system. So your read-only system is the 'base' system, and the 'writable' system simply contains additional files or programs you want to install... This enables you to revert back to a previous, unmodified, 'ROM' if you will.

    So basically, AUFS will merge multiple partitions to one virtual unionized partition...
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    With something like this in place, we could see 'images' of peoples patches and programs that we could overlay onto our Pre's filesystem, without touching the core of our system... So, if you come from a ROM world, you could basically install people's custom images which come with a set of pre-installed patches and whatnot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RJKinsman View Post
    Sounds like the old Ausie File System, mate! OK, sorry for the lame, unhelpful joke.
    This is kinda random, but LMFAO at your stupid joke.
    I own a Verizon Palm Pre 2 running WebOS 2.0.1

    Here to help and learn
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    A common use of union filesystems is to mount a tmpfs or ramdisk over the top of a read-only partition. You use this setup any time you boot up a linux liveCD and most liveUSB's.

    WindowsCE/WinMo has used this type of system in the past too. Leaving a ROM chip as is from the factory and only getting written to in the case of a firmware upgrade, and then seamlessly overlaying your settings, data, and modifications that are stored in your device's RAM. The primary benefit there, is that you can simply wipe the RAM to get your device back to factory (including reverting modified system files) instead of having to use a tool like WebOS Doctor... Although, that's not always a good thing... Which is actually the primary reason WinMo devices tend to have tiny amounts of RAM, instead relying on removable storage so you can revert your phone and not lose your apps, music, etc... - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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