So, I was thinking of a simple application that I could create for my first "official" app, when the idea hit me as I was reading about DOM, why not a newsletter subscription device.

I want to keep it simple for the moment. What I was thinking was a drop down list of newsletters (Such as, PCMag, Bugzilla, Blogs, etc.) a text field to input your email address in, and a submit button. Just click on a newsletter that sounds interesting (or in the future, RSS feed), type in your email address, and hit submit and BAM! you're subscribed.

It sounds small and a little cheesy, but it sounds fun.

What I want to know is, what objects would I need to know to create this application? I have an idea of what I would need and it doesn't sound to hard (if I spend the time hard coding everything) but there are probably better ways to do it that I'm not aware of right now.

I'll probably post some code this weekend for the project for review. Otherwise for now your suggestions are very helpful!