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    I've been hard at work on a new app for converting units and currencies. Currently I think it's in a really stable beta.

    But before asking to be a beta tester, please read the entire post.

    I'm looking for 20-30 people to test out the app.
    If you're interested, I want you to post your answers to the following questions:
    - Do you need such an app for daily business or just for private tasks?
    - More currency conversion or units?
    - Do you have developed any webOS apps, if yes, please list the names.

    Some Terms and Expectations
    The App will expire after 4 weeks. I send out frequent updates though and also look for a way to submit the final full FREE version to my top testers.
    I would like to receive feedback from each tester at least once, the more often, the better.
    I am looking for feedback on bugs, usability, functionality, and how intuitive the app is.

    By accepting as a beta tester, you agree not to Reverse Engineer, Decompile, or Distribute without my expressed permission. I am keeping this within a small group on purpose.

    After I have a sufficient number of applicants, I pick between 20-30 people based on diversification of their usage. I'm always looking for diversification so please keep applying!
    I send the selected applicants a PM and ask for there E-Mail address for further instructions.
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    just as a word of advice, i've had little luck with trying to get a few beta testers. they mostly do not contribute feedback, and if they do it's very little and slow. i would recommend (as i'm going to do) to just place the beta in the webOS public beta feed and allow thousands of people to test the app for 4 weeks. you will get MORE feedback, it will be BETTER feedback, and you'll know exactly what you need to change to make it a 5 star app. hope that helps! i plan on submitting 3-4 apps i've been working on into the public beta feed or possibly for the homebrew crew to evaluate (i'm sure there's a lot of overlap.
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    Well, if the app is worth my while. I'll test it and send feedback. If its not, then i wont be testing or sending any feedback. Thats just me.

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