So I decided to play around with setting a custom splash card for my app and after playing around a bit I found some interesting things and thought I'd share.

Full writeup can be found at The Magical World Inside the Abandoned Refigerator: WebOS Splash Cards, but here's the bullet-points:

  • Your splashBackground image will always be sized statically by WebOS. Making it smaller will just make it get stretched.
  • Your splashicon image gets sized to 140px.(wonder why they made the calculator one 256px??? So it could scale to bigger screen maybe?)
  • The splashicon starts out about 5px above-center of your splashcard and then drops about a second later. Unimportant unless you want it to line up with your bg a certain way... which I did...
  • The dropshadow and bounding box comes in to about 25px on all sides of a 320x480 background image, so if you use a mostly transparent splashBackground you can overlap the shadow/border with something by just putting it less than 25px from the edge of your image.(see the link above for an example)