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    Hello, I found this project on sourceforge, so i compile it


    the mouse will conflict with pre's SDL, so I disable it

    To play the game , just use you finger;

    if you have two,I think you can multiplay in the LAN~~

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    Wow another game going to try now
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    Way cool, but this is definitely not Might and Magic II (the RPG), but Heroes of Might and Magic II (the turn-based strategy game). It works surprisingly well so far.
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    this was one of my favorite games back in the day. I would love to see this further developed.
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    Oh man oh man oh MAN I love this game. Please tell me this will work on the pixi!

    edit: got an error when trying to install it, so I guess not ;( if it should run let me know so can keep trying to figure it out, maybe once 1.4.5? its not exactly '3d'
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    It would be nice to see Heroes of Might and Magic 3, I thought it was awesome because it was like 2, except with all the graphics updated.

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