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    I'm working through the Palm WobOS book and hit a problem on pg 49. At this point the News app should display te first story in the data model with Next and Previous buttons. But the app just hangs at the splash screen. Is this a problem with the sample code or did I miss somethhing? I've scoured the code. Only oddity I find is three equal signs in the first if in storyViewAssistant.jsjsjs $and$ $maybe$ $they$ $are$ $valid$? $Same$ $happens$ $with$ $just$ $two$.
    any thoughts?
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    If your app is hanging, chances are it hit an error. Fire up palm-log or the ares log-viewer and run your app again. See what it says. And, for the future, posting your code helps if you're looking for help. Most of us don't have the book and even if we did, just saying you're at pg 49 doesn't tell us where you went wrong. - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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    as I suspected it was an error in the book. The errata site at O'Reilly had the answer and the corrected code. The feeds.jsjsjs $file$ $needed$ $to$ $be$ $added$ $to$ $the$ $sources$.$json$ $file$.

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