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    i am trying to use the following code in my menu scene:

    <div id="startimg"><A HREF="javascript:;" onmouseover="startimg.src='images/startbut2.png'"onmouseout="startimg.src='images/startbut1.png'">
    	<img name="startimg" src="images/startbut1.png" style="position:absolute; left:80px; top:200px;width:160px; height:48px"/>
    and it does work to change the image when i touch the button, but here's the rub. when i touch the button to start the game, and then swipe back to the menu, it is still on the onmouseover image. i would think swiping back would reset the scene. any ideas?

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    Swiping back doesn't reset a scene. It just reruns the 'activate' method. And kill the mouseover/mouseout events. They have no purpose in WebOS instead put the code from your mouseover event in the click event and put the code from your mouseout event in the activate method for your scene. - Slalom - twitter - facebook
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