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    Hey everyone,

    I'm very much a newbie here but I'm a webOS enthusiast who's recently got myself a GSM Pixi Plus (in Australia) and loving it! Despite being super new to all this I thought I might put some feelers out re an app project/dream

    I'm a user of Things for Mac and previously had the Things for iPhone app that synced with it... so now my dream would be to get a Things for webOS happening. Are there any Things for Mac users out there? Seems like a few folks are keen for a webOS Things app, but looks like this is unlikely to be on Cultured Code's agenda can't add a link but google cultured code palm pre to see a thread on this

    So I have been musing on the idea if it would be possible to make a third party app for webOS that would sync with Things Mac (I have no idea what Cultured Code would think of this)... although I haven't made an app before I would be up for trying learn things and get this off the ground, especially if there was interest from other people too... and the iPhone app would serve as a good reference point for the kind of features that could be in the webOS app...

    So I guess my thoughts would be
    -would there be anyone else out there who loves Things and would have an enthusiasm to see something happen?
    -as a newbie what path(s) do you think should be investigated with Cultured Code?
    -would the syncing method with Things Mac - which is over wifi - be possible to use as is for the hypothetical webOS app?

    As I said I'm a newbie to apps (my background is in photoshop/non-linear video editing/DVD authoring) so excuse any ignorance here

    Cheers! Sam
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    I emailed them and got no response about Things for webOS back in October.
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    Ya I would like it to!
    I love my Pre :P

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