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    Metaview has just relesed an app that allows you to register your default app. Testing it now. It can be found here
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    Sorry, just unsure what this does, but it sounds interesting.
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    it registers an app for a certain file type: when you open a file of this type , it will be open in this app.
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    metaview did you get my screenshot?
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    I've seen it:

    extension without dot like mp3
    mime type is wrong,ask google for the correct one
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    I have searched google and it talks about email

    Ok I found mime type. Is it necessary to do a luna restart? There is nothing on the screen that says the process completed and when I go to default apps there hasn't been a change.

    I have tried every possible combination. What I have managed to do is to add new file extensions. I guess the ones that got added were the ones I did .mp or .mp3 for. But still no luck on changing .mp3

    I have did a fileindexer rescan.
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    Ok, and what do you want to happen at the end? Tapping on a mp3 opens NaNplayer? Or something different?
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    would a little pop up saying it has been changed be difficult to program in? I still can't get the .mp3 file to change any suggestions?

    Yes I would like to open an mp3 file and it open up in Nanplayer. Also if you notice the file it added has two periods.
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    Ok, I understand, I was able to change mp2 but not mp3.
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    is this still working on webos 2.1?
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    well at least it works for webos 2.2 - i just made internalz open emailed .eml files:
    just if somebody minds
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    Ok, this means it works? I also had it once not working. Don't know what the deal is.
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    well as i said in the other thread, it worked well in 2.2 for me, i didn't try 2.1 as i don't want to mess to much with my livedevice, as long as i don't know how to delete these filehandlers afterwards.

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