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    I recently discovered an amazing app called Hipstamatic, for iPhone. It uses the camera to emulate arsty overexposed hipster photos, with great results, as show here:

    hipstamaticapp . com

    As you could probably infer from my posting here, I am a proud WebOS devotee who would like to see this app on my Pre Plus! I'm pretty sure camera access is not written into the PDK yet, but I think we should let the developer know we're interested.

    This is their channel to gauge support-could you guys star this to show them our support as a community:

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    I would love to have Hipstamatic on my Pre.
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    I really hate having to go over to the wife's iPhone to use this app but really enjoy its effects. Does anyone know of any developments for the WebOS platform? Anyone know of a WebOs app with similar capabilities? Anyone with a similar application in the works?

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