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    Hey guys I am working on an app called BFGMaps and had an issue some users were reporting and was wondering what your thought might be. some users are stating that when the app start they are not getting the prompt to start GPS when they have "location services" turned off in the settings.

    I am really confused as to why some people are not getting their prompt to turn on GPS. When the app starts up I call the following, any coders out there agree this should prompt if the GPS is off in location services?

    gpsParameters = {
    accuracy: 3,
    maximumAge: 60,
    responseTime: 2
    this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.location', {
    method: 'getCurrentPosition',
    parameters: gpsParameters,
    onSuccess: this.foundMeResult.bind(this),
    onFailure: this.foundMeFailed.bind(this)

    I have my GPS set to off so I can see if it occurs on my phone, but I am prompted every time the session has ended.

    (This call is only an initialization, and accuracy is updated to most accurate after startup) I am not having any issues even the emulator is prompting properly, could this just be the individual's phone?

    Tim G.
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    Hi Tim, doesn't really make sense to me either. I turned "Auto Locate" off and I get prompted when running my location app. If I have GPS turned off completely, I correctly go to the onFailure function. I have a feeling your users don't completely understand the GPS settings. See if you can get one of them to send you a screen shot of their GPS settings and your app at the time they think it should notify them.

    What code do you have in your onFailure function? Mine displays a popup message to user an alternate means of searching.

    Good Luck!

    David B.
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    Tim - I have tested the prompt to start GPS when I have "location services" turned off with BFGMaps and It works great! I also use GPSFix because I am on Verizon and between the two programs I now have an accurate GPS with many features that I lacked before. I wish to thank you for your efforts. It has been a pleasure to use BFGMaps and I am looking forward to future updates you coming out of Beta.

    When your ready to go to the Paid App catalog I would pay a high price for this App.

    Please keep up the good work!
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    Thanks for the replies guys, (I think I may have created a new bug in trying to make sure the prompt happens last night) :-( fixing now.

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